What is KnuLease?
KnuLease is the only FDA approved 100% hydrolyzed egg membrane powder, the soft lining of the egg between the shell and the white of the egg. KnuLease contains an array of protein-based building blocks necessary for joint health, including: Collagen, Elastin, Desmosine, Isodemosine, Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS – such as, Glucosamine and Chondroitin) and Transforming Growth Factor.

How does KnuLease Help?

KnuLease contains Mother Nature’s proprietary formulation to control body’s natural healthy inflammatory response and supports joint health our unique array of Protein-based building blocks. This often measurably increases joint flexibility and overall mobility of the user, while assisting the body to naturally reducing or completely relieving the aches and pain associated with aging and life, or simply “over doing it”. KnuLease assist in the recovery time for athletes, weekend warriors and all hard workers.

Has there been any studies or trials on KnuLease?

Yes, clinical trials were conducted on both humans and animals.

What were the results of the Animal Clinical Trials?
Dr. Richard Baird, VMD conducted the clinical trials using canine patients in his veterinary practice. By using actual pets, rather than lab animals, both Dr. Baird and their owners were able to more closely observe the effects on these animals. The tests proved that KnuLease greatly relieved pain and improved mobility faster than any other supplement on the market.

What was the results of the Human Clinical Trials?

The clinical trial was done in humans after the successful trials were completed on dogs. The study reaffirmed the same improvement in human joint health as was shown in the animal trials. Again, KnuLease assisted with the reducing of aches and pains, and increasing joint flexibility and overall mobility of the user.

Are there side effects? Can I overdose on KnuLease?
No. There are no known negative side effects and it is safe for long term use. You cannot overdose with KnuLease.

Are there any Contraindications or Interactions with other medications?
There have been no negative side effects or adverse interactions with KnuLease and other prescription medications. Continue to take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. KnuLease can be taken anytime and can easily be fit into your medication schedule. However, it is always best to consult a medical professional before taking any medicine, supplements, or nutraceuticals.

How does KnuLease compare to Glucosamine and Condroitin?

The comparisons of KnuLease vs all other glucosamine and chondroitin containing products is like comparing a Roller Skate to a Jumbo 747. Both have wheels and both provide transportation – and that is about it.

Think of it like this: If your house was severely damaged by a storm, and a plumber (chondroitin) and an electrician (glucosamine) showed up to help repair the damage that would be fantastic but there is clearly much more work to be done. With KnuLease, everybody shows up to help fix the damage: the carpenter (Collagen), the roofer (Elastin), the sider (Desmosine), the painter (Isodesmosine), the carpet installer (Transforming Growth Factor) AND the plumber (Chondroitin) and the electrician (Glucosamine). KnuLease utilizes Mother Nature’s proprietary ingredients, providing an array of protein-based building blocks not duplicated in any other joint-related nutraceuticals.

When will my Pain start to go away?
We have seen Improvement in users in as little as three days but most often within 3 weeks with further improvement through the fourth week. It is important to note that pain and mobility improvements can be very subtle for some users and very dramatic for others.

Are there any benefits for adolescents taking KnuLease?
No. Unless they have a clinically diagnosed issue with joint flexibility and mobility there is no benefit for young people to take KnuLease.

What makes KnuLease so unique?
Our unique ingredients and manafacturing process set us apart from all other joint health products. Unlike all other joint-related nutraceuticals that have been formulated by manufacturers, the ingredients in KnuLease are proprietary to Mother Nature. The array of protein-based building blocks found in KnuLease is not duplicated in any other joint-related nutraceuticals that do not contain egg membrane powder.