So, What is KnuLease?

KnuLease is the only 100% hydrolyzed Egg Membrane powder. KnuLease contains an array of protein-based building blocks necessary for joint health, including: Collagen, Elastin, Desmosine, Isodesmosine, Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS – such as, Glucosamine and Chondroitin) and Transforming Growth Factor.

KnuLease Stands Alone!

Our unique ingredients and manufacturing process set us apart from all other joint health products. Unlike all other joint-related nutraceuticals that have been formulated by manufacturers, the ingredients in KnuLease are proprietary to Mother Nature. The array of protein-based building blocks found in KnuLease is not duplicated in any other joint-related nutraceuticals that do not contain egg membrane powder. Mother Nature wins again!

KnuLease vs. The Other Joint Health Products

the others KnuLease
Uses Harsh Chemical Process Yes No
Uses a purifying mechanical process No Yes
100% eliminated any potential contamination No Yes
100% Guaranteed American sourced No Yes
Undergone hydrolyzation to maximize bioavailability No Yes
Contains Mother Nature’s proprietary formulation to control body’s natural healthy inflammatory response No Yes
Supports joint health using Mother Nature’s unique array of Protein-based building blocks No Yes

100% Biovaflex TM

KnuGroup, the manufacturers of KnuLease and other joint-related products, exclusively uses 100% Biovaflex™ in the final encapsulation.

Why is this important? Because: Two patented processes elevate the bioavailability of KnuLease into a class by itself that differentiates it from all others. The eggshell and the eggshell membrane are separated from each other via patented mechanical process (US Patent No. 7,584,909).

This concentrated egg membrane, which is over 99% pure from residual calcium, is then further processed using Biova’s Hydro5™hydrolyzation process (US Patent No. 8, 211,477).

Calcium may be great for bones, but its presence here only serves to dilute the active ingredients involved with enhancing joint health. Biova’s patented mechanical process 99% purifies the egg membrane’s native ingredients from the eggshell. This process guarantees that KnuLease contains less than 1% residual Calcium from the eggshell and zero potential of contamination from harsh solvents, heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, or other chemical residuals.

Only Water-Soluble Source of Egg Membrane Powder In The World!
The second patented process is a gentle hydrolyzing process that makes Biovaflex™ the only water-soluble source of egg membrane powder in the world, thus providing KnuLease’s unsurpassed bioavailability.

We have discovered a little secret. Knulease, when combined with Omega 3, provides a quicker recovery time for achy and sore muscles, and together, they provide much needed relief for Neuropathy pain. That is why for a limited time only, we are offering one FREE bottle of Omega-T, the best Omega 3 on the market, with every bottle of KnuLease ordered. You read that right, one FREE bottle of Omega-T for every month of KnuLease. If you order one month supply of KnuLease, you receive one FREE bottle of Omega-T. Order a 6-month supply of KnuLease, receive 6 FREE bottles of Omega-T. That is a $150 value. What are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself.

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